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Greg distributes several communications products – in addition to regular posts on social media – to help constituents stay up-to-date with what he is doing as your Member of Parliament. They are posted below for easy reference. To follow him on social media, click on the icons at the bottom of this page.


June 24, 2024 – Three big issues being badly handled by the government: capital gain tax increases and how they affect many more people than the government claims, while discouraging investment; the gag order on speaking positively about oil and gas; and the electricity short circuit – big plans to expand the demand for electricity but NO PLAN to increase the supply of electricity.

May 23, 2024 – Some fairly detailed observations on both taxes and housing policy from Budget 2024, including the capital gains tax increase and the potpourri of housing loans, grants, initiatives and policies that are supposed to increase affordable housing by a likely unachievable amount.

February 27, 2024 – A full review of the Liberal government’s Fall Economic Statement, ArriveSCAM, the myth of oil and gas subsidies, and the long abandoned “fiscal anchor”.

October 6, 2023 – The World Petroleum Congress – some thoughts; embarrassing Ukrainian President Zelenskyy during his visit to Canada; the Affordable Housing and Groceries Act (Bill C-56) which will do absolutely nothing to make housing and groceries more affordable; mandating electric vehicles but obstructing the mining of necessary minerals to build them; and the Alberta Electric System Operator warns of brown-outs if we rush to a net-zero electricity grid by 2035.

September 15, 2023 – Parliament resumes on September 18 with a host of worrisome issues. I’ve included some perspectives on our troubled economy including low productivity and a poor investment climate; and two areas where the government is way off track: installing public EV chargers; and their estimate of how long it will take to recover their subsidies to EV battery plants (spoiler alert: the government says 5 years but the Parliamentary Budget Officer says 20 years).

August 24, 2023 – A digest of issues raised with me over the summer, including inflation/cost of living, the ill-conceived “plan” to get to net-zero electricity by 2035 (Ottawa’s goal) or 2050 (Alberta’s goal), an assault on natural health products, the bungled legislation that has led to Meta (Facebook/Instagram) removing news links from their sites, and housing policy, which is probably the #1 issue I’m hearing from constituents.

July 27, 2023 – My analysis of the so-called “fossil fuel subsidies” the government is promising to end; some polling results conducted by the Prime Minister’s Office that show citizens just don’t trust them; pictures from Canada Day and Stampede. Ya-Hoo!

June 27, 2023 – a close look at the threats to democracy of the new “hybrid Parliament”; the Liberal in-and-out spending pattern; the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank; and a few words on the muddle response to alleged foreign meddling in Canada’s democracy.

May 18, 2023 – A close look at the government’s Just Transition Plan for oil and gas workers, now rebranded the Sustainable Jobs Plan – and how a similar plan worked out for coal workers.

March 24, 2023 – Deeper look at health care funding; allegations of foreign electoral interference and what Conservatives would do differently.

March 5, 2023 Special Edition on Bill C-11, the “Internet Censorship Bill”

February 22, 2023 – The Liberals’ deliberate inflationary spiral of higher taxes and over-spending; Yes Prime Minister, there IS a business case for LNG exports, and Tourmaline Energy is proving it.

January 26, 2023– New taxes, soaring government contracts amid bloated public service, travel chaos.

Archived E-Newsletters from previous years can be found here.

Constituency Mailers (“Householders”)

Cost of Living (June 2024): Some facts on how the cost of groceries and housing in particular are negatively impacting the quality of life of almost all Canadians.

Budget 2024 (May-June 2024) -Summary of some aspects of the federal Budget 2024 that I wanted to highlight in a brief format. You can see a more complete analysis on my budget web page.

Upcoming Summer Events (May 2024) – Drop by my tent to say hello, or watch for me at Calgary’s summer BBQs and breakfasts. See the list of festivals on this mailer.

Tax Tips for Your 2023 Tax Return (March-April 2024) – Includes what’s new for 2023, deductions that may apply to you, tax increases for 2023 and 2024.

2024 Calendar (December 2023) – includes month-by-month calendar, links to government services, 2025 quick calendar.

Fall Issues Survey – Nov-Dec 2023 – Another new environmental tax will raise the cost of homes in Alberta by $35,000; a summary of the correspondence I get from constituents; Fall Issues Survey (note you can answer it here on my website).

Parliamentary Preview – Sept 2023 – Affordable housing (the number one issue for constituents), the tree planting bungle, increasing debt charges, and the net zero electricity dispute between Ottawa and Edmonton.

Upcoming Summer Events July 2023 – Catch me at community breakfasts and BBQs, and at my tent at Inglewood Sunfest, Marda Gras, and the Chinatown Street Festival.

MP Report – June 2023 – The “Just Transition” Plan, Second Carbon Tax Coming Soon, Implementing $10/day day care; Tourmaline Energy getting it done, contrary to Prime Minister’s opinion

MP Report – April 2023 – Federal Issues Survey, Around Calgary Centre, In Parliament

Tax Tips for your 2022 Taxes February 2023 – Tax Tips for 2022 and new measures for 2023 planning

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Community Newspaper Columns

July 2024 – Open for the Summer – Listening to You

April 2024 – We stand with Ukraine

February 2024 – Food inflation will get worse on April Fools’ Day

January 2024 – Immigration is one of the most broken departments in government.

December 2023 – Canada’s National Defence corps can’t deliver what we ask of them.

November 2023 – We ignore the consequences of our complacency at our peril

October 2023 – High housing costs are the consequence of incompetent fiscal and monetary policy

September 2023 – Indigenous Reconciliation, Pride Day

August 2023 – National Peacekeepers’ Day, Summer Festivals

July 2023 – Protecting both the environment and our way of life

June 2023 – Celebrating inclusion and diversity on Canada Day

May 2023 – The so-called “Just Transition” just means more consultants

April 2023 – Health Care: spending the most but not getting the results

Greg in Parliament

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Constituency Mailers (Householders)

Archived from the 44th Parliament (2021-22)

MP Report – December 2022 – Calendar for 2023, Links to Government Services

MP Report – November 2022 – Inflation, Environment Committee, Housing, Methane Reductions, Questionnaire on Environment issues

MP Report on Upcoming Parliamentary Session – September 2022  – Fall issues, My work in Parliament, Summer in Calgary, Questionnaire on ArriveCAN

MP Report on the 2022 Federal Budget – June 2022

MP Report on the Housing Crisis – June 2022

Tax Tips for your 2021 Taxes – March 2022

MP Report – March 2022 – focus on inflation, Conservative initiatives on LGBTQ2+ equity issues

MP Report – February 2022  – focus on inflation, Liberal trial balloons on policies to tax your principal residence

MP Report – December 2021 – includes 2022 calendar, links to government and MP information sources

Constituent Questionnaire – November 2021 – constituent survey of important issues

Archived from the 43rd Parliament (2019-21)

Parliamentary Report on the Environment – July 2021

Parliamentary Report – July 2021

Parliamentary Report – March 2021

Parliamentary Report – February 2021

Small Business Constituency Mailer – January 2021

Parliamentary Report – January 2021

Energy Issues Constituency Mailer – December 2020

Seniors Constituency Mailer – October 2020

Parliamentary Report – October 2020

Fall Survey – September 2020

Parliamentary Report on COVID-19 – May 2020

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