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E-Newsletter: October 6, 2023

Parliament resumed sitting on September 18th. I took the first two days of the week in Calgary, as we hosted the World Petroleum Congress for the first time in 23 years.  The event was a showcase for Canada’s oil and gas industry and our role in the emerging energy needs facing the whole world. Its theme – ‘Energy Transition – the Path to Net Zero’ – coalesced some of the brightest scientific and economic minds, who work in this essential industry, on the solutions to the world’s environmental challenges. 

It’s enlightening to find people gathering in our city, from around the world, to discuss the approaches to global issues – and discuss how they balance the effects of the emissions from the global oil and gas industry with the benefits it provides – to economic development (including advancing the world’s poorest); to fueling technological advances; to providing the means for many of life’s basic necessities; to the social good it provides to society – indeed, for human progress. The advancing solutions to addressing the environmental effects of this vital energy source are illuminating.