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Inflationary Carbon Tax increased 23% on April Fools

The independent Parliamentary Budget Officer has confirmed that Canadians would be better off without the carbon tax.

After eight years of this NDP-Liberal government, life has never been more expensive. To make matters worse, on April 1st, the Liberals have played a cruel joke on Canadians, hiking the carbon tax again – this time by 23% – on gas, heat, and groceries.


I sat down with my colleague, Jamie Schmale on THE BLUEPRINT – Canada’s Conservative Podcast to discuss the NDP-Liberal inflationary carbon tax and the April 1st cruel increase.

70% of premiers and 70% of Canadians are opposed to this tax hike. This latest tax increase is just one more kick to Canadians who are already down.

This Liberal inflationary carbon tax means a family of four will have to pay $700 more in groceries in 2024.

A Canadian food charity recently reported that this year they expect a million additional visits to food banks in 2024, after record-breaking visits in 2023.

In 2023, 36% of charities had to turn people away because they were running out of resources. People are being forced to choose between filling up their car, heating their home, and feeding their family.

Common sense Conservatives will axe the carbon tax, for everyone, everywhere, for good.

Spike the Hike. Axe the Tax.