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Tax the Farmer, Tax the Trucker, Tax the Consumer

Canadians are suffering from runaway food inflation. They can choose to buy less nutritious food, or line up at food banks. Both are happening, but neither are good options.

The government must take responsibility for its role in this hardship which includes collecting huge carbon taxes from farmers. Instead of reducing the cost of our food by reducing tax on farmers, on the truckers who move the food, on the manufacturers who process the food, and on the retailers who sell the food, the government went to extreme lengths to gut Conservative Bill C-234 that would have relieved farmers of the carbon tax on grain drying and barn heating/cooling.

The government has two options. Will the government exempt Canadian farmers from the carbon tax which raises their costs, and therefore their prices; or should Canada import more untaxed foreign food?

Here are my questions to the government in Question Period:


Consult the official Hansard Transcript.