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Food inflation set to get worse on April Fools

After 8 years of this Liberal-NDP government, food inflation is out of control. When you tax the farmer – food gets more expensive.

But the Liberal-NDP coalition remains in denial of the impacts of their punitive carbon tax.

Who says that the carbon tax is inflationary?

  • The Parliamentary Budget Officer
  • The Governor of the Bank of Canada
  • Every farmer, manufacturer, producer, distributor, and retailer in Canada
  • And Canadians who buy food!

Common sense solution is Bill C-234

Common sense Conservatives put forward Bill C-234 to address the food inflation problem – but the Trudeau apointed Senators where whipped to gut the Bill before sending it back to the House of Commons.

Canadians have already been left out in the cold by the Trudeau-Bloc coalition, which voted down a Conservative motion that would have removed the carbon tax on all forms of home heating.

Both the Bloc and the NDP previously supported Bill C-234 last March. Will the Bloc and the NDP now stand up to Liberal-appointed Senators and insist on the Bill adopted by the House or will they simply support this tax plan by a Prime Minister who is simply not worth the cost?

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