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Liberals don’t walk the talk on Ukraine

It was under a Conservative government that on December 2, 1991, Canada became the first Western country to recognize Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union. Conservatives were the ones who successfully negotiated the current Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA).

No one is debating whether we should have free trade with Ukraine. What we are debating is whether we should have a carbon tax and if we should be inserting the carbon tax into trade agreements.

Let me ask my colleague a question on words versus actions on this, because I see a lot of paper and a lot of words, but as far as the actions and supporting Ukraine go, the government has been a day late and a dollar short almost every time.

Greg McLean, House of Commons, February 2, 2024

What is wrong with C-57?

Instead of trying to impose a carbon tax on Ukraine, Canada should continue looking for ways to use our economic strengths to support the Ukrainian people, including by exporting Canadian LNG and creating an energy alliance to break European dependence on natural gas from Russia.

Conservatives want to defund Putin and his illegal war by ending European dependency on Putin’s energy resources. Justin Trudeau helps Putin by keeping Canadian natural resources in the ground and not exporting them to Europe.

A common sense Conservative Government would seek to improve and modernize the existing CUFTA agreement without the imposition of Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax agenda.

At the International Trade Committee, the Liberals blocked a Conservative motion to support expanded munitions production in Canada, increasing munition exports to Ukraine and supporting the development of weapons and munitions manufacturing capabilities in Ukraine by Canadian industry.

Conservatives will always work to ensure that trade agreements are in the interest of Canada and all Canadians.

Common sense Conservatives support the Ukrainian people in their efforts to build their economy and defend themselves from Russia’s illegal invasion.