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Free Trade with Ukraine One Way to Help

Conservatives support free trade, and we support Ukraine. This free trade with Ukraine legislation (Bill C-57 – An Act to implement the 2023 Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Ukraine) gives us the opportunity to do both albeit with some fine tuning.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, I asked if Canada would stop funding Putin’s war machine to the tune of $5 million a day by importing oil products. The Minister claimed we weren’t doing that, but later discovered I was right. We need to go further.

Canada, had it made other decisions, could be supplying much of Europe’s energy needs and pulling the rug out from under Putin’s revenues. Canada could also displace Russian fertilizer. Supporting Ukraine with both aid and trade is critical. So would be policy decisions that would undermine Russian revenues to the advantage of Ukraine. To defend its democracy, Ukraine needs the financial resources to do so. We need to consider the whole scope of how Canada can help.

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