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Year of the Wood Dragon

To all my friends in Calgary’s Chinese and East Asian Communities –

Kung Hei Fat Choi
Gong Xi Fa Cai

Let me offer you my best wishes for a new year filled with love, peace and prosperity.

For thousands of years, the Lunar New Year has been a sacred time of celebration, steeped in tradition and ritual. Whether known as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year, Tet, or Seollal, its vibrant colours and festivities unite nearly 2 billion people from every corner of the globe in a spirit of gratitude and optimism for the year ahead.  

This week, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean and other Asian communities will come together to welcome the Year of the Dragon. Known as a herald of good fortune, prosperity and success, the Dragon brings with it the promise of change and the hope of a brighter future.  

This incredible legacy is especially on display during this magical season as Canadian homes and streets are brightened by the time-honoured traditions of Lunar New Year. As you gather around the table with your family, hand out new year envelopes or exchange lucky pockets, and relish in the festivals, fireworks, and dragon dances all over our country, may you be strengthened by the promise of brighter days ahead. May the values of faith and family bring constant joy to you and your families in this time of celebration. Happy Year of the Dragon!

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