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Time to Amputate C-69 and Start Building Again

The Supreme Court of Canada has finally ruled that major elements of the Impact Assessment Act (formerly Bill C-69, or the “No More Pipelines Act”) are unconstitutional.

The process took four years, despite almost everyone telling the federal government that their legislation would be found to be unconstitutional. That’s four years of lost economic activity. Hundreds of billions in investment. Right now, 42 projects have not yet received an environmental assessment.

The SCC found that only 11 of the 168 clauses in the legislation were actually within the jurisdiction of the federal government. The government must immediately amputate most parts of the current IAA and allow the country to move forward to build stuff again.

Here are my remarks in the House urging that action:

For Further Reference

View the official transcript of Greg’s remarks on Hansard here.

Calgary Herald news story