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The Unjust Transition: An Unnecessary Risk to Workers & Communities

The Government has introduced a time allocation motion to cut off debate on Bill C-50 Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act (their rebranded “Just Transition” Legislation). That means the government intends to limit debate on this unnecessary and controversial legislation, and move it quickly to the Senate where it hopes to pass it this year.

Bill C-50 – The rebranded “Just Transition Plan” is a dangerous government-mandated threat. Judging by the government’s dismal performance in the coal transition, along with analysis provided by the Environment Commissioner and the Auditor General, we know that Bill C-50 is a threat to kill 170,000 Canadian jobs directly, displace 450,000 energy workers indirectly, diminish the livelihoods of 2.7 million Canadian workers and reduce the value of their homes and assets, and decimate up to 50 Canadian small communities that rely on this industry. That doesn’t even begin to add up the lost taxes/royalties to governments and revenues from Canada’s biggest export.

And it is unnecessary. We must continue reducing emissions, yes, but not kill the industry. This is bad legislation. Period.

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