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The Budget Implementation Act

Budget 2023 continues the Liberal Government’s record of higher taxes and inflationary deficits. Conservatives demanded that Budget 2023 end the war on work by lowering taxes for workers, and end inflationary deficits that are driving up the cost of goods and housing in Canada.

The House of Commons debated Bill C-47 the Budget Implementation Act, 2023 on April 25 and I participated in that debate. In an exchange with a New Democratic colleague, I acknowledged his point about the rising gap between rich and “those working hard to join the middle class”, due to measures put in place by this government.

I want to know why the NDP supports the budget of their Liberal partners when it includes a flow through share provision for critical minerals, which is clearly targeted at reducing tax for wealthy investors. The NDP support of this Liberal budget does not square with what they say they believe.


You can consult the official transcript here.

Debt to GDP Calculation

I noted in response to another colleague that the debt as a proportion of GDP is constantly increasing as a consequence of this government’s choices, but part of the debt calculation is for pensions. Does the government agree this needs to be taken into account?

Note the exchange is in French but has English subtitles.


You can consutl the official Hansard transcript here.