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Spending Billions to create jobs that aren’t even going to Canadians!

Incompetent negotiations have led this NDP-Liberal government to agree to a $15 billion subsidy to Stellantis.

All to create 2,500 jobs! Worse, a large but unknown number of those jobs are going to temporary foreign workers, not Canadians.

That’s $6 million Canadian taxpayer subsidy per job!

And this Minister is proud to have negotiated it!

Think about it. $15 billion tax dollars to subsidise jobs for foreign workers.

How big is a billion dollars?

A million here, a billion there… If you’re not sure how big a billion is – here is a simple way to understand.

  • A million seconds is 11 days.
  • A billion seconds is 31 years.

How many foreign workers are coming?

Last week the Windsor Police told us 1600 workers were coming from South Korea. Then on Monday the company said it would be 2300 local workers. On Tuesday Liberal Minister Boissonnault said there was only one foreign worker and Minister Champagne said it would be “a fairly small number.” Now the company hiring the foreign workers says there will be at least 900.

It is not acceptable that Canadian taxpayers are spending $15 billion to create jobs that aren’t even going to Canadians.

Last Friday, Minister Champagne even admitted that he still needed to sit down with the company to talk about how many taxpayer-funded foreign replacement workers they intended to bring in.

The Building Trades of Canada estimate that the hiring of foreign workers will cost Canadian contractors and workers at least $300 million.

The Trudeau Liberals are either misleading Canadians or they are incompetent and confused.

The government must release the contracts and let Canadians see the terms of the contracts, and how many temporary foreign workers our tax dollars are subsidizing. Spending public dollars means being accountable for those dollars. The government must show us the contracts.

NDP has turned it’s back on Canadian workers

Conservative members will be trying again to get Canadians access to the contracts Justin Trudeau signed with the large battery manufacturers, despite having faced 6 hours of Liberal filibuster so far.

Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are flip-flopping and calling for the contracts to be kept secret. This is a complete reversal over the past week. It is past time for the Liberal-NDP government to release the contracts and protect Canadian jobs.

The Prime Minister must do two things.

  • First, he must come clean and release the contracts he signed with Stellantis, Volkswagen, and Northvolt so that taxpayers can know how much money they are on the hook for and what provisions have been secured to actually ensure that there are good, long-term jobs for Canadians.
  • Second, he must guarantee that Canadian tax dollars for these projects will only fund jobs for Canadian workers.

Common Sense Conservatives will ensure Canadians’ tax dollars are used wisely, and that taxpayer-funded jobs are actually given to Canadians.

Letter to Minister Champagne

Following up on Minister Champagne’s responses to MP McLean in the House of Commons, McLean sent the attached letter to the Minister on December 6, asking for clarification, and whether he was mistaken or misleading the House in his answers.

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