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PM Drops Carbon Tax… only for Liberal voters!

With his government in freefall, the Prime Minister dropped his tax on home heating – but only for certain voters. 

Why does the Government think that Albertans should pay more than than the rest of Canadians?

The Liberals are desperate, flailing, and making it up as they go. The Trudeau government is offering a temporary pause to the tax on home heating oil that won’t help 97% of Canadians. They are giving a top-up for rural Canadians, but it won’t even pay for a Big Mac Value Meal each month.

These are all gimmicks and won’t help struggling families.

The Prime Minister also told Canadians that there will be no change to the second carbon tax that he’s still piling on.

CBC The Eyeopener

I spoke with Loren McGinnis of the Calgary Eyeopener about this move by the Liberal Government and their continued ways of dividing the country – with the Carbon Tax carve out for their supporters being only the latest example. (Click here)