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Desperate Liberal government steals common sense Conservative ideas.

With Canadians experiencing more and more hardship in making ends meet – much of it caused by government policy – the Liberals have now resorted to stealing Conservative proposals that would make life more affordable, and are claiming them as their own.

This time, they propose to remove the GST from purpose-built rental builds. The difference is the Conservative proposal will apply to only below-market affordable housing, whereas the Liberal bill will apply to any rental, including million-dollar condos, so long as they are rented out.

If the Government is looking for another idea to steal from the Conservatives, they can repeal their carbon taxes which are the real reasons Canadians are facing a high cost of living, high interest rates, and high prices in grocery stores and at the pumps.

During debate on Bill C-56 Affordable Housing and Groceries Act I asked the Liberal Member about his government’s previously abandoned promise on the GST. This was first proposed in 2015, then abandoned, but now that the Conservatives have tabled a bill on the issue, the Liberals are talking about it again. I asked the Liberal Member if they are starting to recognize there are things the Government should have been paying attention to for the last six years.

Consult the official Hansard transcript.

If the Government was serious about tacking inflation and high housing costs – why did we see no concrete actions in their 2023 budget, delivered just a few months ago?

Read the official Hansard transcript.