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30% Hike in Carbon Tax Punishes Canadians

Why Won’t Canada Follow Europe’s Lead and Eliminate this Inflationary Tax?

I am again pressing the government on why it doesn’t follow the lead of many European nations which are eliminating their carbon tax on residents during these tough inflationary times.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer reports that the government will collect $11.8 Billion from the 7 provinces where the charge applies. In addition, it will collect $429 Million in GST on the tax. He notes that when the tax is fully implemented, the province that – by far – will be impacted the most is Alberta.

He also makes clear – contrary to continual and inaccurate statements by government Members – that the average Canadian family WILL NOT, in fact, receive more in rebates than it pays in tax.

This tax is highly inflationary, a burden on Canadian families, and it will have only a minute impact on Canada’s climate change performance.


See the transcript of the speech and questions in Hansard here.

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