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When will Minister take her Foot off the Gas on Gas Tax Hikes?

Question Period June 22:

Inflation has again arisen almost a full point, to 7.7%.

While European governments have reduced taxes, and now the US President is talking about a tax holiday, our own Canadian Government is increasing taxes and fueling inflation and blaming the rest of the world for inflation.

The Minister of Finance claims this is not the Trudeau government’s problem. She refuses to acknowledge her part in fueling inflation, and refuses to take meaningful steps to help all Canadians deal with this burden.


Mr. Speaker, inflation has risen almost a full point month over month to 7.7%, which is near record levels. Europe has reduced fuel taxes, and the U.S. president is now calling for a gas tax holiday. What is the Canadian government doing? It is increasing fuel taxes.

The last time world oil prices were this high was 2014, when the price of gas in Canada was $1.40, which is 70ยข less than today. The Minister of Finance says this is beyond her control, but she is ignoring her role in actually escalating inflation.

When will she take her foot off the gas on fuel tax increases?