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Nord Stream Decision Too Late to Matter

The Canadian government has – finally – revoked the waiver that allowed repaired gas turbines to be sent back for use in the Russian pipeline Nord Stream One.

The decision is laughably too late – because the Nord Stream pipeline is no longer operating.

My response to Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson:

Minister Wilkinson:

This is amongst the weakest government policy stances I have ever seen.

Sanctions matter when they involve a principled nation taking a stand that is not easy – that will have some costs associated with the action.

That was Canada’s principled position when we initially announced sanctions.  When you discovered that the stance would cost us some economic benefit, you withdrew the sanctions.

I strongly supported the initial sanctions – which prevented the turbine from being returned for the Russian pipeline – and strongly opposed the decision to later grant the waiver.

“Canadians know the backtrack on Russian sanctions was a terrible decision taken by a government that has mounting troubles being taken seriously on the world stage.”

Greg McLean, “Energy Now”, August 20, 2022

Now the affected pipeline doesn’t operate, and you are pretending that your stance even matters.

Just like when you talked about ‘calling Putin’s bluff’ when you withdrew the sanctions (a laughable self-congratulatory and spurious notion) – you are, once again, just pretending.

There is no value is saying ‘I told you so’ – and I have watched as you’ve learned a little bit about Canada’s natural resource industry.

But this announcement of a reversal of a reversal of policy is absolute proof that your stance is meaningless.  Canadians should see this as un-substantive in the extreme and an embarrassment to a serious nation.  And it speaks volumes to your government’s pretense of policy and outright impotence.

Decisions matter, but timing of those decisions matters even more. Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted applies here perfectly.

Canadians deserve better.

Greg McLean, M.P.
Calgary Centre