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Liberal Flip-Flops and NDP Collusion

The last thing we need is more jurisdictional clashes caused by the federal government overstepping its constitutional bounds.

If it’s not obvious, let’s be clear.

Notley’s NDP is colluding with this Liberal government to restrict Alberta’s resource development.

I spoke on this in the House of Commons on May 18.


Liberal Flip-Flop Causes Support for Bill to Collapse

May 19, 2023

Ottawa, ON — The Alberta Conservative Caucus has issued the following statement:

“The Official Opposition worked constructively with all parties at the Standing Committee on the Environment during the study of Bill S-5 Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act ensuring that the updates to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) would provide clarity and update Canada’s legislation for protection of the environment.

“This Bill is the result of extensive consultation between government, environmentalists, and industry to update Canada’s environmental laws. These changes were made to ensure that Canada remains a leader in environmental stewardship and a strong supporter of natural resources development.

“At Report Stage, the NDP put forward an amendment which encroaches on provincial jurisdiction in respect of regulating mining tailings ponds and hydraulic fracturing, which the Liberal members had opposed at the Environment Committee. Despite their opposition at Committee, the Government flipped-flopped and voted in support of the NDP amendment encroaching on provincial jurisdiction.

“The NDP amendment, passed with last-minute Liberal support, is a clear infringement on provincial jurisdiction.  This makes the legislation open to more jurisdictional court battles and uncertainty. As a result, the Conservative Party will be withdrawing its support for Bill S-5.

“Canada’s regulatory oversight framework is based upon clear division of responsibilities between the provinces and the federal government, as defined in our Constitution.  The continued attempts to muddle this jurisdictional responsibility have led to a convoluted process of project approvals, duplication of costs, and uncertainty amongst investors.

“The uncertainty brought about by the unpredictability of the NDP-Liberal government on energy policy has a real cost for Canadians. Canada needs to articulate a clear federal government policy if we want to attract and retain jobs and investment.

“Albertans and all Canadians ought to be concerned that the NDP member from Edmonton Strathcona officially Seconded this Motion. It will do nothing to advance legislation on either the environment or energy policy and will have a direct cost to Alberta. The blatant intrusion into provincial regulatory authority by the Liberal-NDP partnership is ongoing and will have lasting consequences.”


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