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Fighting Anti-Asian Racism in Canada

The recent increase in anti-Asian incidents of violence is unacceptable. Parliament has an obligation.

On December 8, I provided my strong support for Motion M-63 presented by Shaun Chen, Liberal MP for Scarborough North, condemning anti-Asian racism.

Canada’s Conservatives unequivocally condemn all forms and hate and discrimination. We have firmly advocated for Chinese-Canadians facing intimidation from the Chinese Communist regime.

The recent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes and incidents of violence and abuse are unacceptable. Parliament must ensure that Asian-Canadians feel safe and welcomed within our communities.


You can read the official Hansard transcript of my remarks here.

Private Members’ Business M-63

That, in the opinion of the House:

(a) the government should
(i) condemn anti-Asian hate and all forms of racism and racial discrimination,
(ii) ensure all anti-racism policies and programs address the historical and present-day racism, discrimination, stereotyping and injustices faced by people of Asian descent,
(iii) highlight the lived realities of racism and barriers to inclusion experienced by people of Asian descent in national consultations on issues of anti-Asian racism; and

(b) the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security should conduct a review of anti-Asian hate crimes and hate-motivated incidents across the country.