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Fall Economic Statement: Throwing Money Against the Wall

Government chased away investment, and is trying to fill the gap with taxpayer money

In the debate on Bill C-32 Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2022, I responded to my colleague who was lauding a Canada Growth Fund, which would be on top of the Canada Infrastructure Bank, and the other financial incentive systems that are supposed to foster investment in Canada. It is really just throwing money at a wall because some of these technologies are not going anywhere, yet the Liberals continue to risk taxpayers’ money.

In the time this government has been in power, hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign investment and Canadian investment has left the Canadian economy. We are now trying to backfill with more Canadian government money – but it is just putting a finger in the dike.

The government has caused an investment climate that is destroying foreign investment and all investment in Canada and is now trying to fix their bad policy with taxpayer giveaways.


Consult the official Hansard transcript here.