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Current Uncertainty: This government is in the dark on electricity.

Electricity currently supplies about 40% of power demand; industrial power (mainly natural gas) is 30%, and motive fuel is the remaining 30%. Demand for power is growing, in large part due to rapidly escalating power-hungry technology, but how will Canada both keep pace with that growing demand while also displacing 60% of the current power supply to meet the federal mandate for net zero by 2035?

Energizing Canada: A Critical Look at Our Electrical Future

The Standing Committee on Natural Resources has embarked on a comprehensive study of Canada‚Äôs electricity infrastructure. The committee will attempt to dissect the intricacies of interprovincial connections, pinpoint existing gaps, and uncover both opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in enhancing our nation’s electrical production and distribution.

During the inaugural session dedicated to this study, I posed a pressing question to government officials: With the ever-increasing energy demands of Canadians, from where will our electricity originate?

The current policy appears to be out of sync with the practical realities and the extensive timelines required to construct robust electricity generation and distribution networks.

From my questioning, it became obvious that this government has no clear plans to meet the growing demand for energy for Canada’s needs, while also phasing out fossil fuels. In fact, they kept saying the provinces will do it.

If they expect provinces to solve the riddle, then why is the federal government stepping on their toes while they try to do it?

Where will the reliable power come from?

This question remains at the forefront as we strive to reconcile policy with the tangible needs of tomorrow. This is a pivotal discussion we must navigate the currents of change and charge towards a future with reliable, affordable and sustainable power.

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