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Are Liberals Fudging the Inflation Numbers?

Canada’s inflation looks lower than the US because we calculate home ownership costs differently.

On December 7 during debate on Bill C-32 Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2022, I asked the government spokesman whether he knew that Canada’s inflation is lower than other countries because we factor the cost of home ownership differently (“owners’ equivalent rent”).

If he does know, is Canada currently artificially using this tactic to make our inflation look lower than the US?

Note in his answer he says Canada is “doing reasonably well”. Is that good enough? Should Canada be striving for better than “reasonably well”?


You can read the official Hansard transcript of this exchange.

During the debate on C-32, I also asked my Bloc Quebecois colleague from Terrebonne if she agreed that the Liberals have no industrial strategy and just spend money as if it grows on trees. Note my question and the answer are in French (spoiler alert: she said “yes”).


You can view the official Hansard transcript of my question and answer.